Augustinians of the Assumption – Province of Europe

There are a thousand adventures to share at the Assumption following Christ.

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  • Camino de Santiago 2021

    The Camino de Santiago (Way of St James) is a network of ancient trails across Western Europe leading to the city of Santiago de Compostela, the supposed final resting place of the body of St James the Great, a prominent disciple of Jesus Christ.<[...]

  • Ruth and Boaz, or the triumph of mutual respect (Book of Ruth)

    As part of the Year of the Family and the Year of St. Joseph, and following the experience made during Lent, we propose to continue with a series on biblical couples and how their experience can be a foundation and an example for our families toda[...]

  • The Battles of the Brides

    As part of the Year of the Family and the Year of St Joseph, and following on from the experience of Lent, we propose to continue with a series on biblical couples and how their experience can be a foundation and an example for our families today.[...]

  • Lenten Journey #3

    On this 4th Sunday of Lent 2021, Marie-Pierre and Patrice (lay Assumptionists) share to us their family life journey and how their faith experience has nourished their family life!

  • Lenten Journey #2

    Lenten Journey #3
    Our Lenten journey continues with Abraham and Sarah, the first couple in the Bible, after Adam and Eve.


They tell us …

“In addition to my activities at the parish, I serve the Adveniat Foundation. It helps children and young people in precarious situations around the world to give them a chance to succeed in life, through education, welcome and support.”

P. Vinh Cao Ba

F. Vinh, Assumptionist, project manager for the Adveniat Foundation,

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The European Province of the Assumption

Assumptionists at the service of unity

Our founder

Our congregation, the Augustinians of the Assumption (A.A.) or “Assumptionnists”, was founded in 1845 by Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon. It is at once modern and steeped in the Tradition, rooted in the common life in view of proclaiming the Good News to people. Our motto prompt us to work for the coming of Christ’s Reign in us and around us:

“Thy Kingdom Come!”

Our life

Today, we are present on five continents. As disciples of Saint Augustine, we live our faith, prayer and apostolate in community. Together, we are called to face the three great challenges of religious indifference, exclusion and injustice. We sum it up as follows:

“Servants of unity in a divided world”

Our mission

Assumption’s activities range from theological research to far-flung missions, with a real penchant for the Eastern Churches and the search for Unity, vocations in the service of the Church, and the communication of the Christian message through social action and the media.

Join the adventure as a lay person, volunteer, donor, religious…

An alliance

Our charism has led lay people to want to live the spirituality of the Assumption and to put it into practice in their lives. Some of them have committed themselves to “a way of life”. Together, they animate the association of

“Lays Assumption Alliance”

Where are we

  • North America
    • Canada
    • United-Stades
    • Mexico
  • South America
    • Argentina
    • Brasil
    • Chile
    • Colombia
    • Ecuador
  • Europe
    • Belgium
    • Bulgaria
  • Middle East
    • Israel
    • Turkey
  • Africa
    • Burkina Faso
    • Kenya
  • Asia
    • South Korea
    • Philippines
  • Oceania
    • New Zealand

Our works All works

Press company created in 1873 by the Augustinians of the Assumption.

Adveniat Foundation
Foundation created in 2010. It helps children and their families around the world.

Saint-Peter in Gallicantu
Reception of pilgrims and animation of the sanctuary on the Eastern slopes of the Mount Zion.

The National Pilgrimage is organized by the the association Notre Dame de Salut from 11 to 16/08, in Lourdes.

Assumption Language College (ALC)
Contextualized Language Training (Manila).

Youth Hostel
Run by a lively community of Assumptionists, Adveniat has an ambition to promote fraternity and community life.

Ephemeris of the 18 July

Tauromachie et courses de taureaux.

P. Emmanuel d'Alzon - 1876