F. Vinh, Assumptionist, project manager for the Adveniat Foundation

“In addition to my activities at the parish, I serve the Adveniat Foundation. It helps children and young people in precarious situations around the world to give them a chance to succeed in life, through education, welcome and support.”

P. Vinh Cao Ba

Pierre, his baptismal name, is originally from Dong Nai, a region in the southeast of Vietnam. In this country, Catholics are a minority. They represent only 7% of the population of this vast territory of more than 96 million inhabitants. “In Vietnam, we lack priests, especially in the countryside. In the region bordering China, some people walk all night to attend Mass, which is only held once a month,” explains Father Vinh, the eighth in a family of ten brothers and sisters.

His call to the consecrated life is the fruit of a long journey. At the end of his university studies in finance, Vinh worked for more than two years in a bank and then in a company. At the same time, he began to live with the Assumptionists. He took a step further by deciding to spend a year at the service of the orphanage run by the Assumptionists in Saigon.

Everything attracts him, the enthusiasm, the joy of being with the children, the community life, the mutual help between Assumptionist Brothers, their involvement in the world, his life with God… …

He continued his formation, entering the Assumptionist novitiate in Juvisy-sur-Orge (near Paris) in 2011. At a time when he did not speak a word of French! Five years later he passed his baccalaureate in theology. Then he was ordained a priest in June 2019.

Today, as a member of a Parisian community, he dedicates himself to many apostolates including the Adveniat Foundation. It helps children and their families all over the world.